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Jun 21, 2013
1h 27m

Telerik is a leading vendor in high-performance controls for WPF. The suite include editors, data entry controls, layout controls, navigation controls, interactivity, scheduling and more. This course will walk you through the control suite and show you how to use each in turn

About the author
About the author

Jesse Liberty is a Senior Consultant at Wintellect, where he specializes in Xamarin, Azure and Web development. He is a Certified Xamarin Developer, a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Hi, this is Jesse Liberty for Pluralsight and for Telerik. Welcome to programming Telerik WPF Controls. This course is actually broken into two pieces. This first piece will cover everything except data manipulation and visualization. That will be covered in a second course. But we will be covering all the other WPF Teleric controls. To get started, the first question is what do you already need to know. We are going to assume that you are somewhat familiar with WPF, C Sharp and Zammo. You can do this course on any computer of course, but in order to do the WPF exercises and programming, you will need to have a PC. And you will need to be running some version of Windows. If you're running Windows 8, you'll be running in the desktop. And you will also need a version of Visual Studio. Finally, you will need the Teleric WPF rad controls, which you can, if you're not already a licensed owner, you can download a trial version at telerik. com. When you get to telerik. com, just click on DevTools. Scroll down. Find WPF, or if you prefer Silverlight, the exercises are interchangeable, and then you can click on try now for a trial version. Let's get started.

In this module we will take a look at the various controls that are designated as Editors in the WPF control suite. These include the Calculator, as well as the Color Editor, and the Color Picker. Let's get started with some demos to show how these controls are used.

Data Entry
Telerik makes a number of powerful controls for Data Entry. Among the controls that we will examine in this module, are the autocomplete box. The ComboBox, which is not your father's combo box. This is a very powerful control that extends the standard ComboBox significantly. Very similar to the ComboBox is the ListBox. We will also take a look at Masked Input, the Numeric Up/Down control and the Rating control. We will examine the Rich Text Box that is offered as part of the Rad Telerik controls, as well as the enhanced Slider. And the Progress Bar.

Our next module concerns the Telerik W-P-F controls for layout. There are a number of controls that can greatly simplify or enhance your layout, including the book control, the carousel control, the docking control, as well as the expander. There's also a TileView and a TileList. The transition control can give wonderful transitions between views. And finally the Window control can open modeless or modal windows at your command.

In this module, we will look at the controls that assist with navigation. The navigation controls are very broad and very diverse. We have bread crumbs, to help find, the users way back through a series of pages. A button control that adds additional functionality to the standard button, a menu control for very powerful and very easy menus. And an outlook bar that recreates the bar from outlook that allows you to choose your section. And have that section highlighted in the bar and a panel bar very similar to the outlook bar that expands as you add content to it. There is a tab control, for creating a tabbed interface, as well as a tool bar not unlike the tool bar in Visual Studio. Tree Views may be one of the most powerful, controls for navigation.

Many applications work with days and dates, and even scheduling. The Telerik WPF controls include three controls specifically dedicated towards scheduling. That's the Calendar control, or the lighter weight Date and Time picker, as well as the incredibly robust and powerful Schedule View.