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Building a Raspberry Pi 4 Kubernetes Cluster

by Dan Tofan

This course will teach you how to make a Kubernetes cluster from a few Raspberry Pis, while boosting your Kubernetes skills set.

What you'll learn

Kubernetes has many moving parts which are hard to master. In this course, Building a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster, you will learn how to set up a Kubernetes cluster on a few Raspberry Pis. First, you will prepare the hardware, then install and configure a Raspberry Pi. Next, you will install K3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution, on the Pi. Afterwards, you will learn how to join more Pis to the cluster. Finally, you will learn how to deploy various web applications to the Kubernetes cluster. By taking this course, you will have the skills to set up your own Kubernetes cluster on a few Raspberry Pis.

About the author

Dan started programming decades ago on a Spectrum clone and started his professional programming career in 2003. Eager to learn, Dan moved to Netherlands to study at the University of Groningen. Now, Dan is proud of his PhD thesis on decision making and knowledge acquisition in software architecture, and about a dozen publications with hundreds of citations. Dan used Microsoft technologies for many years, but migrated gradually to Python, Linux and AWS, to learn more of the computing world. Cur... more

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