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Ruby on Rails - A Jumpstart for .NET Developers

by Dustin Davis

This course walks through building a Rails application with as little friction as possible.

What you'll learn

This course is for .NET developers who want to try out Ruby on Rails without investing a significant amount of time into learning both Ruby and the Rails framework. In this course, we walk through what Ruby and Rails are, how they compare to .NET languages like C# and VB. After a brief introduction to the Ruby language, we jump into building a Rails application and customizing it.

About the author

Dustin can usually be found on the road less traveled. He is a co-founder of Developer Advocates, a freelance evangelism for hire outfit. He is also a co-host on the MashThis.IO podcast. As a PostSharp MVP, he regularly attends user groups, code camps and other developer events to speak about aspect oriented programming and a range of other topics. Dustin lives in SoCal with his wife and two boys. When he isn't working or speaking at events, he is preparing for his next project or speaking e... more

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