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io.js and Node.js Next: Getting Started

by Marcus Hammarberg

Get started running your Node.js applications on io.js. io.js is the foundation of the next version of Node.

What you'll learn

io.js is a new runtime for your Node.js applications. It "Brings ES6 to the Node community" today. Also, you might have heard that io.js and NodeJs are going to merge. What you might not know is that the new version of node is a fork of io.js. So by knowing more about io.js, you will have a leg up as the next version of node is released. In this course, we will install io.js and see what we need to do to switch our existing applications over to using io.js. We will also do a quick check-in on the new possibilities that io.js supports in the form of EcmaScript 6. Finally we will deploy an io.js application to Heroku.

About the author

I have been a programmer since 1998 and consultant since about 2000. During this time I have often led small agile teams, often in big non-agile organizations. This clash of thoughts has taught me a lot and I have had to learn and apply a lot of different techniques to make agile work in practice. Lately I have been involved in a couple of large scale agile roll-outs in such organizations. I have worked at a number of banks and insurance companies, but also at Swedish Ebay and Spotify - as an ag... more

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