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Apr 29, 2015
3h 33m

This course covers the major areas of the application: from setting default options to complex report creation to visualization and exporting the final result. Veteran database professional McKay Dunlap will guide you through the main features, functions, and strategies when using one of the most popular and common Business Intelligence Tools out in the market today. This course covers how to create a report from scratch; report design best practices; custom formulas; slice and dice with cross tabs; pulling multiple datasources into a report; verifying data; visualizing data via charts, graphs, or other options. It also covers how to export your data and reports easily and save time by avoiding quirks and common missteps. No previous Crystal Reports or programming experience is required. Whether you can code or merely "point and click," this course will bring you up to speed and prepare you for reports, analysis, and visualizations with SAP Crystal Reports.

About the author
About the author

A seasoned database professional, McKay's world revolves around data, analysis, and converting raw data into human consumable form. He has built systems from the ground up and maximized legacy applications, managing Megabytes into the Terabytes. Currently, he has dived into the world of non-relational (No SQL) data analysis.