McKay Dunlap

McKay Dunlap

Mckay got his start installing Broadcast Management Systems in Latin America, training local counterparts and teaching them the ins and outs of a relational database application in their Native language and Geek (End Result: a strange mix of Tech and Espanol- Techspanol). Later his efforts shifted to data mining, ETL and analytics across various industries. Utilizing technologies from MySQL to SQL Server to Oracle Exadata to NoSQL Platforms, this technologist is no stranger to large volume operations. Whether building from the ground up or working with Legacy systems, he enjoys passing along knowledge and helping the individual tasked with building a system to making the most of an existing platform, regardless of the stack or technology. Over the years, McKay has cultivated numerous techniques, insights, strategies, and shortcuts for numerous software platforms that he shares in customized online courses. It is his goal to save time and shorten the learning curve.

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