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Building and Implementing a Security Awareness Training Program

by Jeremy Turner

People are the weakest link in IT security and having an effective information security awareness training program can help reduce many of the associated risks. This course will teach you how to build your own program from start to finish.

What you'll learn

Did you know that the biggest threat to an organization is its own employees? Have you tried phishing simulations or basic information security awareness training lectures at your organization but feel like something is missing? In this course, Building and Implementing a Security Awareness Training Program, you will learn everything required to setup a program from scratch that makes sense for your organization's unique needs. First, you will learn the critical elements of any security awareness training program that must be in place before you even think about sending that first phishing simulation email. Next, you will learn how to properly scope and develop security awareness and training material that is razor-sharp focused and can be presented in a way that will convince your leadership to give you a healthy budget. Finally, you will learn how to deal with many common problems that plague security awareness training programs by using a number of communication techniques and ensuring that the right performance metrics are in place that will prove your program is winning. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to step into any organization and develop an information security awareness training program that will inspire your organization to be more security minded in a manner that doesn't waste everyone's time.

About the author

Jeremy Turner is an independent IT security consultant who lives and breathes technology. He is a military veteran and has spent most of his professional career working in Asia. Jeremy has held major roles at Fortune 100 and Big 4 accounting firms and has even worked as a Chief Technology Officer for a FinTech startup in Tokyo. When Jeremy isn't breaking things in his lab, he's listening to jazz or working out. He loves talking about AWS and security and can be reached by LinkedIn at www.linkedi... more

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