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Social Media: The Big Picture

by Amber Mac

Learn how to kickstart your social media plans and build a successful online community.

What you'll learn

If you know social media is important to your business, but you don't know where to start, this course is built just for you. Using real-life examples of how companies have succeeded and failed in the digital world, we will share knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your social media goals. Plus, we will provide insights into social media trends and resources that are reshaping the future of digital marketing.

About the author

Amber MacArthur (AKA Amber Mac) is the President of Konnekt Digital Engagement ( and the bestselling author of Power Friending, a social media guide for business professionals. As the Miami Herald said in the review of her book, "Amber Mac is a virtual Swiss Army Knife of (social) networking." She is also a well-known blogger for Fast Company, a national TV host, an international speaker, and a podcaster on Leo Laporte's network. Konnekt's clients include motivational... more

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