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Building a Real World iOS Application with Swift

by Brett Romero

Build a real world iOS recipe app with Swift and polish it off with a professional, visually appealing UI.

What you'll learn

This course uses Apple's Swift language to build a recipe iOS app. The app will allow adding and deleting of recipes. Rather than a basic looking app, we'll ensure our app is visually appealing. We'll utilize iOS technologies such as NSUserDefaults and iCloud. We'll see how to set up their application for use with iCloud and how to integrate iCloud document sharing. Setting up iCloud will give us lots of exposure and hands-on use of the iOS Developer Center.

About the author

Brett Romero is a software developer versed in .NET, PHP, Python, and iOS to name a few. He builds desktop, web and mobile applications. As well, he knows Illustrator and Photoshop backwards and forward. His design skills aren't too shabby either. Brett also founded Bitesize Business School, which helps entrepreneurs develop needed technical skills for running an online business while also teaching them invaluable business skills. His undergraduate degree is in business administration and ... more

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