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Swift iOS UI and Unit Testing

by Brett Romero

Validation of any kind can get time consuming and boringly repetitive. If you want to get out of this loop and become a more efficient iOS developer, this course will do just that.

What you'll learn

Everyone wants robust, bug-free apps. But constantly, manually going through use cases every time something changes in your code is an efficient method of ensuring you have a reliable application. That's where UI and unit testing comes in. In this course, Swift iOS UI and Unit Testing, you'll learn how to create UI and unit tests for Swift iOS apps. First, you'll discover how to set up UI and unit tests in your project. Next, you'll explore how to modify the UI and unit tests. Then, you'll identify what areas to test. Finally, you'll learn how to unit test the UI through ViewController methods. By the end of this course, you'll understand when to use UI vs. unit tests and how to create each.

About the author

Brett Romero is a software developer versed in .NET, PHP, Python, and iOS to name a few. He builds desktop, web and mobile applications. As well, he knows Illustrator and Photoshop backwards and forward. His design skills aren't too shabby either. Brett also founded Bitesize Business School, which helps entrepreneurs develop needed technical skills for running an online business while also teaching them invaluable business skills. His undergraduate degree is in business administration and ... more

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