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Targeting Stakeholders

by Monika Khanna

Unlock the imperative ingredient of creating a successful product rooted in strategy. This course will teach a perfect intersection of stakeholders and customers to understand the needs and concerns of these groups with effective communication.

What you'll learn

In this course, “Targeting Stakeholders,” you’ll learn to interact with stakeholders and customers, and corroborate through real user research insights. First, you’ll explore stakeholder analysis. Next, you’ll learn how to engage stakeholders and audiences in order to create a system that works best for everyone. Finally, you’ll discover techniques to understand the customer personas. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of targeting stakeholders needed to manage the relationship of stakeholders and customers, and to understand the needs and concerns of these groups. This will further foster effective communication, which, in turn, will help fuel the success of any project.

About the author

Monika creates design flows/systems for products to generate better business and become market leaders. She leverages data to create intelligent predictive digital products that meet users/consumers needs. She is a diligent person who believes in empathy as the core value of design. She is a firm believer of knowledge sharing through conferences, meet-ups, blogs etc. Her unique experience is in working directly with CEOs, Executive level leadership, and Investors. She analyses users perceptions,... more

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