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Jun 1, 2012
2h 42m

In this UVLayout tutorial, we are going to explore a number of production-proven techniques to layout UVs for complex geometry. To do this we will utilize the specialized software headus UVLayout to map a piece of furniture and prepare it for texturing. We will look at suitable UV scaling techniques to match the sample texture and go over various touchups in Photoshop for proper tile and size. After laying out our UVs, we will jump into Maya to create a simple stage for rendering and set of materials to use with Maxwell Render. Upon completion of this tutorial, you will have learned many tips and tricks for laying out proper UVs and texturing for high quality renders. Software required: Maya 2012, UVLayout Pro, Maxwell Render.

About the author
About the author

Stas Poritskiy is a talented CG artist who works as a Technical Director at Hemogoblin studio on “L5” project.

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