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Developing Custom Shaders in Unity

by Claudia Doppioslash

Shader Development is the key to unlocking the power of the GPU, it's the tool to master to make your games look great. This course will teach you how to write shaders in Unity, from the Graphics Pipeline, to the Post Processing Stack.

What you'll learn

Shader development is the key to unlocking the considerable power of the GPU, to make your games look great. In this course, Developing Custom Shaders in Unity, you will learn how to write shaders in Unity, the Graphics Pipeline, and Post Processing Stack. First, you will demystify shader development by explaining the necessary basics. Next, you will explore the Graphics Pipeline and how rendering works. Finally, you will discover how to write many kinds of shaders. When you're finished with this course, you will have a foundational understanding of the theory of rendering, what different types of shaders are good for, and how to write, optimize, and debug them.

Software required: Unity 2017

About the author

Claudia is a Game Developer, a Functional Programmer, and a speaker. Her favourite achievement, as a gamedev, is having built a Physically Based lighting system from scratch for Unity. Easily bored, she has jumped from industry to industry, in search of interesting challenges. Hence the variety of fields she's experienced in: mobile dev, gamedev, and frontend development (in Elm and Purescript), are a few. She's particularly interested in the rapid advancement of realtime 3d rendering, and in ... more

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