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Introduction to the Entity Component System in Unity

by Marc Gilbert

Learn to write code that is performant by default using Entity Component Systems within Unity.

What you'll learn

Unity is fully embracing Data-driven programming with the new Entity Component System. This new paradigm will fundamentally change the way you work with Unity and the benefits are undeniable.

Introduction to the Entity Component System in Unity gives you a solid understanding of what ECS is as well as hands-on experience with its core features and benefits. By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation of ECS and the knowledge with the confidence necessary to create performant and efficient code for your games in Unity.

About the author

Marc's passion for programming began in the mid 80's on an Apple IIe. He's been able to parlay that passion into a fruitful career; having served in leadership roles both in-house and as a consultant to Fortune 100 firms. Marc began working with Unity in 2011, releasing RavenToll in 2012 under Frivoloustwist. He's continued working with the engine ever since. Marc left Corporate America in 2016 to focus solely on game development. His firm, Frivoloustwist is currently engaged in helping to... more

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