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Building Games with Unity Services: In-app Purchases and Cloud Build

by Harrison Ferrone

Learn how to configure In-app purchases and use Cloud Build with Unity.

What you'll learn

Whether it’s a AAA game studio or indie publisher, funding and build pipelines always come into play. In this course, Building Games with Unity Services: In-app Purchases and Cloud Build, you’ll acquire the skills needed to implement a virtual store, generate real revenue, and increase the efficiency and speed of your build process. First, you’ll learn how to setup the IAP service in the Unity Editor, create purchasable products, and handle transactions. Next, you’ll dive into configuring your virtual store for different platforms and App Stores, and get a quick look at how IAP Promo ties into Unity Ads. Finally, you’ll use Unity Cloud Build to automate your deployment pipeline and get hands-on practice with custom options and the Cloud Build REST API. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational understanding of the In-app Purchase and Cloud Build services and how to incorporate them into your own games. Software required: Unity 2018, Visual Studio.

About the author

Harrison Ferrone is a freelance software developer, instructor, and technical editor. He has been developing games and applications with Unity since 2013, and has been creating instructional content for various learning providers since 2016. Throughout that time he has bought far too many books, acquired a few cats, lived and worked abroad, and continually wondered why Neuromancer isn't on more game development course syllabi.

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