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Unity VR Locomotion Fundamentals

by Harrison Ferrone

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest growing sectors of commercial and entertainment technology. In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of moving around VR environments and addressing the comfort considerations of your users.

What you'll learn

Movement in virtual reality can be a tricky proposition, even for seasoned software developers. In this course, Unity VR Locomotion Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to let your users explore their virtual environments in comfort. First, you’ll set up a VR compatible starter project with Google Cardboard and integrate head movement and user input to move around the environment. Next, you’ll explore different teleportation techniques and finish off by implementing passive player movement. By the end of this course, you'll have implemented several VR locomotion techniques in Unity, and acquired the skills needed to continue on into more complex VR projects. Software required: Unity, Visual Studio.

About the author

Harrison Ferrone is a freelance software developer, instructor, and technical editor. He has been developing games and applications with Unity since 2013, and has been creating instructional content for various learning providers since 2016. Throughout that time he has bought far too many books, acquired a few cats, lived and worked abroad, and continually wondered why Neuromancer isn't on more game development course syllabi.

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