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Visual Design: Best Practices for Refining Designs

by Kerri Augenstein

Visual design can be mystifying. This course will give you the tactical skills you need to deliberately and consciously control form through alignment, weight, scale, contrast, repetition, grouping, style, and color.

What you'll learn

Have you ever been working through your designs knowing that things just don't feel quite right, but you're not sure where to begin to refine and polish your design? In this course, Visual Design: Best Practices for Refining Designs, you'll learn the techniques and practices that will take you from mystified and uncertain, to consciously seeing and understanding where and how to tune your designs. First, you'll cover that design is about making deliberate choices, either employing consistency, or making decisions differently—using alignment, weight, scale, contrast, repetition, grouping, style, and color . Next, you'll explore how to command those principles to build underlying grid structure, to construct and balance typographic styles, and to take advantage of white space. Finally, you'll discover practices to put it all together—the gestalt. When you're finished with this course, you'll have experience of tactical examples of each technique, explanations of how to break down your designs through the literal experience of seeing, and a codified set of practices to come back to as you continuously refine your skills. Software required: None.

About the author

Kerri is a visual interface designer who's first life in design began at a boutique branding firm in Boston's South End, Sametz Blackstone Associates. There she learned the theory and application of systemic design and branding, which became the foundation for her design practice as she grew into a focus on the web. She's since been designing for the screen, learning how to apply that systems thinking to intuitive user interfaces and beautiful (hopefully) designs. She's worked both on agency and... more

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