Kerri Augenstein

Kerri Augenstein

Kerri is a visual interface designer who's first life in design began at a boutique branding firm in Boston's South End, Sametz Blackstone Associates. There she learned the theory and application of systemic design and branding, which became the foundation for her design practice as she grew into a focus on the web. She's since been designing for the screen, learning how to apply that systems thinking to intuitive user interfaces and beautiful (hopefully) designs. She's worked both on agency and in-house teams learning how to both satisfy esthetic preference and interpretation of brand for client teams and how to build interactive design systems that are implementable, cohesive, and user driven. She currently leads and implements visual design for the Standford Graduate School of Business's public website. When Kerri is "offline", she finds any excuse to go to brunch, drink wine with family and friends--determined to "learn", and moonlights writing poetry and attending to her etsy shop.

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