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Windows 8 – From Design to Delivery with C# and XAML

by Jesse Liberty

The annotated story of the creation of a real-world Windows 8 Store application.

What you'll learn

Windows 8 From Design To Delivery with XAML and C# walks through the design, implementation, testing, and delivery of a real-world application. This course puts Windows 8 programming skills into context by creating a non-trivial application from scratch. Along the way we look at XAML layout and controls, page navigation, data binding, data management, life cycle management, working with files, MVVM, snap view, semantic zoom and much more. Both Windows 8 novices and intermediate programmers will benefit from this real-world scenario walk-through.

About the author

Jesse Liberty is a senior mobile developer, specializing in .NET MAUI, git and C#. Liberty hosts the popular Yet Another Podcast and he is the author of two dozen best-selling books.He is also the author of numerous Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning courses on everything from Angular to Xamarin. Liberty is a Certified Xamarin Developer, a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP. Jesse was a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T; Software Architect for PBS and Vice P... more

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