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Feb 14, 2015
3h 18m

To get started, we'll first learn how to create a MARI project to work in and how to equip it with things we'll need like channels and shaders. From here we'll learn how to target geometry by selecting it and how we can begin using the Paint Brush to paint a diffuse color map for an asset. Once we've finished painting our color map, we'll move on and learn how to quickly generate a normal map as well as a specular map for our firefly. When we wrap up our firefly's textures, we'll learn how to add and begin creating a color map and normal map for another piece of geometry for our scene. To wrap this tutorial up, we'll learn how to export our maps out of MARI as well as how we can archive our MARI projects. After completing this course, you can expect to be up to speed and productive in this powerful texture painting application. Software required: MARI 2.5v2.

About the author
About the author

Eddie is a content producer for Unity as well as a seasoned shading, texturing, lighting and rendering artist. He takes pride in helping creative professionals reach their learning goals.

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