AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-C00)


AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-C00)

Authors: Michael Brown, Andy Dyrcz, Saravanan Dhandapani

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty certification is designed for those seeking to demonstrate their advanced networking skills on the AWS platform. This... Read more

What you will learn

  • Design a Hybrid Network using Site-to-Site VPNs
  • Design a Hybrid Network using AWS Direct Connect
  • Design a Hybrid IT Architecture
  • Design and implement Amazon Route 53 DNS
  • Design and Implement AWS Load Balancing Solutions
  • Design and Implement a Content Distribution strategy
  • Design AWS Service Network Requirements
  • Understand DHCP within AWS
  • Design Amazon VPC Advanced Features
  • Implement Automation for AWS Networks and Services
  • Troubleshoot Network Issues
  • Understand AWS Network Billing
  • Design Highly Available Architectures
  • Understand AWS Security Services
  • Understand a Secure Data Flow
  • Understand AWS Encryption Technologies
  • Understand AWS Compliance
  • Understand Security and Compliance Monitoring


This path is intended for those with at least one year of experience working with AWS technologies. It is recommended that individuals pursuing this track should have already obtained the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification before starting this path. Also, general networking knowledge, particularly in the area of routing, would be an advantage.

Path Courses

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The courses in this path will cover areas such as: VPC design and implementation, Hybrid network connectivity design and implementation, Name resolution using Route 53 and Hybrid DNS approaches, AWS Security and Compliance, Network monitoring, optimization, and troubleshooting, and AWS task automation.

Designing Hybrid Networks in AWS

by Michael Brown

Apr 21, 2020 / 2h 9m

2h 9m

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Connecting your existing locations, services, and users to your AWS cloud-deployed infrastructure can be daunting. There is a myriad of different protocols, services, and software configurations to choose from. In this course, Designing Hybrid Networks in AWS, you'll learn to successfully design and deploy Hybrid Architectures. First, you’ll explore what the term hybrid architecture means. Next, you’ll discover the benefits of Site-to-Site VPNs and Direct Connect. Finally, you’ll learn how to successfully secure and scale your hybrid deployments. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of designing hybrid architectures needed to help your company and its customers design and deploy robust hybrid connectivity.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Introducing Hybrid Architectures
  3. Hybrid Architecture Design Choices
  4. Designing a Hybrid Architecture using AWS Managed VPNs
  5. Designing a Hybrid Architecture using Software VPNs
  6. Designing a Hybrid Architecture using AWS Direct Connect
  7. Using BGP to Provide Dynamic Routing
  8. Understanding Billing when Designing Hybrid Architectures

Integrating AWS Networks with Application Services

by Andy Dyrcz

Jul 14, 2020 / 1h 45m

1h 45m

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Are you preparing for the AWS Network Certification Exams? This advanced networking course is for you! In this course, Integrating AWS Networks with Application Services, you’ll focus on Domain 4 of the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Exam. First, you’ll explore DNS with Route53. Next, you’ll discover load balancing techniques with Elastic Load Balancers and distributing content with AWS Cloudfront. Finally, you’ll learn how to reconcile a few of AWS service networking requirements. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to provision your own networks which allow the integration of AWS Services.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Understanding DHCP within AWS
  3. Using Domain Name Services with AWS
  4. Distributing Workloads with Elastic Load Balancing
  5. Delivering Content Globally with CloudFront
  6. Specific Network Requirements within AWS
  7. Implementing AWS Networks Wrap Up

Designing and Implementing AWS Networks

by Michael Brown

Apr 8, 2020 / 2h 22m

2h 22m

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More and more in today’s cloud-first world, we are coming across complex cloud networking issues. In this course, Designing and Implementing AWS Networks, you’ll learn to design and deploy highly available Amazon VPCs and their supporting services. First, you’ll explore why Amazon VPCs are needed before going on to learn about the components needed to successfully deploy and manage a complex Amazon VPC. Next, you’ll discover the wealth of options available that allow you to interconnect Amazon VPCs with each other and your on-premise networks, before looking at common pitfalls of Amazon VPC deployments. Finally, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot and monitor Amazon VPCs before looking at how you can introduce automation to our Amazon VPC management and deployment. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of advanced Amazon VPC deployment and management needed to successfully support your business and your customers.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Understanding Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  3. Advanced Amazon VPC Design
  4. Designing Highly Available VPC Architectures
  5. Troubleshooting Amazon VPC Network Issues
  6. Monitoring Amazon VPC with CloudWatch
  7. Understanding AWS Network Billing
  8. Deploying Amazon VPC with AWS Cloudformation
  9. Implementing Automation for AWS Networks and Services

Securing AWS Networks

by Saravanan Dhandapani

Mar 25, 2020 / 2h 4m

2h 4m

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AWS has been introducing new services on a consistent basis and one of the challenges is to understand and select the right tool for the right problem. In this course, Securing AWS Networks, you’ll learn about various AWS services related to security and how to monitor and troubleshoot your network for issues. First, you’ll explore different industry compliance standards and how to use the AWS trusted advisor to comply with the standards and use AWS Artifact to prepare for your security audit. Next, you’ll discover how to monitor the compliance, the traffic flowing through our network and perform the required paperwork for penetration testing. Then, you'll touch on how to secure the data flow by setting up access control lists, taking steps to mitigate vulnerability attacks and encrypt/decrypt the data, both at rest and in motion. Finally, you’ll see how to identify PII data and detect any malicious activities in the network. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of securing both AWS and hybrid network, and how to comply and monitor to the standards imposed by your organization that are needed to get your advanced networking certification.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. AWS Compliance
  3. Monitoring Security in AWS
  4. Securing Data Flow
  5. AWS Encryption Technologies
  6. AWS Security Services