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Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge With Confluence

  • Number of Courses4 courses
  • Duration8 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

Confluence is an enterprise knowledge management and collaboration product made by Atlassian. It is built around a simple wiki core, but offers many layers of features on top of that. It is widely used for team collaboration, planning, and documentation by software development shops, other IT endeavors, and businesses in general. This skill will give you a solid understanding of all of Confluence’s core concepts and features, show you how to customize it for your needs, how to use Confluence to assist team collaboration, and even how to administer and configure a Confluence installation supporting many users. Confluence Cloud will be used for demonstrating core Confluence features, but administrative topics will cover both Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud.

Courses in this path


In this beginner section we will cover fundamental Confluence concepts and essential day to day feature usage, such as creating spaces and pages and use of the Confluence Editor.


In this intermediate section we will cover features of Confluence designed to support teamwork and collaboration, and also cover how to administer Confluence content such as spaces and pages for teams.


In this advanced section we will cover site administration of both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server.

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