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Domain-Driven Design

  • Number of Courses9 courses
  • Duration33 hours
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Learn the philosophy and major design patterns that underlie the Domain Driven Design approach to software architecture. Understand the importance of focusing on the core domain and domain logic of your business. Explore techniques for refining the conceptual model by between the technical and domain experts. Learn from practical examples implemented in C# and .NET.

Courses in this path


Like a building, the strength of your software construction starts with a solid foundation. Here we learn both the basics of clean software architecture design and the fundamental pillars of the Domain Driven Design approach you’ll need in any solution you create.


Once you understand the basic principles, it’s time to learn how to handle the havoc imposed by the real world. Start by learning not just to use DDD in your ground-up designs but how to refactor existing designs to leverage the power of DDD. We’ll also explore how the Specification Pattern can solve a class of problems and how to leverage the power of Modern Object Relational Mapping tools.


To complete your journey to becoming a DDD architect, we’ll help you take full advantage of the Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern. You’ll finish with an exploration of using Event Sourcing not only to understand the current state of your application but a trackable history of how it got there.

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