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  • Duration15 hours
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MySQL is a DBMS, or database management system. It is developed, supported and distributed by Oracle, but since it is open-source it is freely available to anyone under the GPL. MySQL databases are relational, meaning that the data is split up between tables. MySQL is very fast and lightweight so you can run it alongside your other applications on a desktop or laptop. It can also be scaled up to take advantage of all the CPU power and memory available on a dedicated machine. MySQL is constantly being updated and developed to include a wide array of useful and rich functions. This path will guide you through the basics of SQL and introduce MySQL relational databases, and by the end you'll be confident in creating and administering your very own database.

Courses in this path


These courses will show you how to install MySQL software and perform basic setup of MySQL DBMS. You will also be introduced to basic queries in SQL/MySQL.


This section will take you through more complex queries in MySQL and cover some of your backup/recovery options. You'll finish of with a brief overview of MySQL Workbench installation and navigation.


The advanced courses you see here will solidify your confidence in MySQL database administration by showing you how to optimize performance and queries for your databases.

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