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Spring Framework: Core Spring

  • Number of Courses7 courses
  • Duration10 hours
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The Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based applications - on any kind of deployment platform.

Spring makes it easy to create Java enterprise applications. It provides everything you need to embrace the Java language in an enterprise environment, with support for Groovy and Kotlin as alternative languages on the JVM, and with the flexibility to create many kinds of architectures depending on an application’s needs.

Courses in this path


This segment has been created to provide an introduction to the Spring Framework where you will learn what Spring is and its capabilities.

Through hands-on demonstrations and expert guidance, you will create applications with Spring Boot, the modern way to create new Spring applications. Finally, you will dive into the internals of how the Spring IoC container works.


In this intermediate section, the courses have been designed to expand your knowledge of the Spring Framework. Here, you will be introduced to the Spring Model View Controller (MVC) fundamentals, learn about database connectivity using Spring's JDBC and other techniques to provide a deeper understanding of this powerful framework.


This final group of courses will instruct you in the advanced techniques you will need to master to become a proficient user of the Spring Framework. Building upon the knowledge gained from the courses in the beginning and intermediate groups, you will learn the concept of Aspect Orientated Programming (AOP), how to work with the Spring Expression Language (SpEL) and implementing the Spring Boot Actuator.

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