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With the technology skills platform, you can see where your skills stand, master the latest in software development, IT ops, AI and machine learning, security and more.

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Build the technology skills you need to advance in your career faster. Master the latest technologies with thousands of on-demand video and interactive courses taught by the world's experts.

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Course library

Keep your skills up-to-date with access to thousands of courses authored by an elite network of industry experts and partners.


Certification practice exams

Master the skills you need to pass IT certification exams with unlimited access to industry-leading practice tests.



Channels are an intuitive way to organize and share content, so you can reach your goals faster.


Skill IQ

Identify your knowledge gaps and strengths with our skill assessments. Your results will tell you where to start within a learning path, so you can develop the skills you need most and not waste time on what you already know.


Role IQ

Role IQ is the standard for measuring success in modern technology roles. Finally you can see if you have the skills you need to succeed at your job, and what you need to work on to get to the next level.


Hands-on learning

Try out new technologies in a risk-free environment, so you can make mistakes before they matter. Interactive courses and projects give you the opportunity to practice applying skills to real-world scenarios and get guided feedback along the way.


Visual Studio Code extension

Find answers faster with just-in-time content recommendations within VS Code.

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