Pluralsight Flow
for security teams


Empower your entire org to safeguard against rising security threats.

You can’t check the box on security

Security is everyone's responsibility.

You can’t wait for something to happen to start thinking about security. To avoid costly mistakes and PR nightmares, everyone in your organization needs to have a security-first mindset, writing secure code, testing for vulnerabilities and implementing best practices no matter what role
they’re in.

Threats are constantly evolving.

With a new hack or attack popping up every day, you can never be 100% confident your business is protected. Your teams need a way to keep up with threats as they develop and build the expertise they need to react swiftly.

Make security a

strategic priority

With Pluralsight Skills, you can build the information and cybersecurity expertise you need to face security scares head on.


See where your defenses are strong (and where they’re lacking)

Understand where your team’s skills stand today and where you need to grow.

  • Measure your team’s skills in topics like cloud security, web app security, ethical hacking and more with Skill IQ.
  • See if your teams have the skills they need to succeed in critical roles like Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Incident Responder and more with Role IQ.
 AWS cloud security

Build skills 
for whatever
strikes next

Ensure your teams are up to date on the latest best practices and threat mitigation techniques.

  • Learn from expert authors with real-world experience in pen testing, malware analysis, security auditing, digital forensics and more
  • Accelerate skill development with personalized course recommendations that help employees skip over what they already know and focus on what they don’t
  • Align skill development to your most important objectives like automating threat responses or complying to regulatory standards
 Ethical hacking

Track progress with the right data

Feel confident your teams are building the skills they need to safeguard your org against potential threats.

  • Skills analytics: See how skills in topics like risk management, event triage and more are evolving over time so you can identify strengths, weaknesses and roadblocks
  • Roles analytics: View data around individual role levels and skill proficiencies, and customize roles to your business needs like your org’s unique incident response protocol
  • Channels analytics: Help your team track toward goals like protecting PPI or applying secure coding practices with insights into channel completion and engagement
 Security fundamentals
customer stories

How AcXiom implements security best practices from the ground up

“Pluralsight has been a great partner for Acxiom in helping make sure that we have the right secure coding practices in place.”

Michael Taylor, Senior Director of Products & Chief of Staff, Acxiom
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