Weekly new courses: Ubuntu, Docker, SQL & more

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It's that time again. The week is winding down and there's so much to look forward to (including our new courses, of course). This weekend we'll have some fun updates to share as your favorite authors come together for our annual Author Summit. There will be lively discussions and tons of brainpower, so stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get all the updates. In the meantime, here's what's new in our library for you to check out: Getting Started With Ubuntu by Elton Stoneman Introduction to Fixie: Convention-based Testing in .NET by Jason Roberts Mastering Your Own Domain by Rob Conery Scala for Java Developers: Syntax Comparison by Toby Weston First Look: Native Docker Clustering by Nigel Poulton Developer's Guide to SQL Server CLR Integration by Kevin Murray Creating Custom Builds with Dojo by Mike Van Sickle Practical HTML5 by Gill Cleeren Apple Watch Fundamentals by Rag Dhiman AngularJS Services In-depth by Brice Wilson Deploy Windows Devices and Apps (70-695): Lite Touch Deployment by Rhonda Layfield Practical CouchDB for Developers by Abhishek Kant Office 365 APIs: Overview, Authentication & the Discovery Service by Andrew Connell Becoming a Better Listener by Jason Alba

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