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Scala for Java Developers

by Toby Weston

This course is for Java developers looking to transition to programming in Scala. Translate what you already know in Java to Scala and start your functional programming journey.

What you'll learn

This course will help you transition from programming in Java to programming in Scala. It's designed firstly to help you get started with Scala, translating what you already know in Java to Scala. Then, with the language syntax under your belt, it introduces functional programming concepts to give you a head start writing Scala in a functional style. Lastly, the course outlines some tips and advice useful when transitioning existing Java projects and teams to Scala.

About the author

Toby is an independent software developer based in London, specializing in modern software development and agile practices. He's a keen blogger and writer having written for Jaxenter and a book on modern testing titled Essential Acceptance Testing. A big supporter of open source software, Toby has contributed to several projects including JMock and created a popular concurrency library called tempus-fugit. Find him on Github.

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