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Employee Course: Difficult Conversations and Friendlier Workplaces

by Fran Gilbane and Rich Gilbane

This course will teach you how to manage difficult conversations about sensitive topics with both managers and colleagues, resulting in a friendlier work environment for all and a much easier and less stressful existence for you.

What you'll learn

Life can be difficult and situations, both at work and in your personal life, can have a negative impact not only on how you feel about your job but also on your ability to perform to the required standard. The outcome of this is often a difficult conversation with either your manager or your colleagues. In this course, Employee Course: Difficult Conversations and Friendlier Workplaces, you'll learn how to create a friendlier workplace and to enable you to have those conversations with your colleagues and managers about those sensitive topics. First, you'll explore how to improve your interpersonal skills. Next, you'll discover how to understand your manager and managing your emotions. Finally, you'll learn how to handle a difficult conversation with managers. By the end of this course, you'll know how to engage with your colleagues and manager more effectively.

Table of contents

Course Overview
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About the authors

Fran is a qualified and experienced trainer with a wealth of customer service experience and knowledge. Educated at Oxford University, she worked in several different industries before settling on a training career. With an instinctive grasp of how to make learning both interesting and informative, she prides herself on helping others realize their potential.

Rich is a qualified and experienced HR professional who is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. Educated to a post graduate level, Rich spent the majority of his working life working in shared service centers and contact centers and has a vast knowledge and experience of working on and in helpdesk environments in HR and IT based companies.

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