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ASP.NET Core 6 Blazor

  • Number of Courses10 courses
  • Duration25 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

*This path is still under development.

Using Blazor, developers are able to build rich client-side web application with C# and HTML. Without JavaScript knowledge, but powered with C#, it’s now possible to build single-page applications. Blazor is part of the ASP.NET Core family of application frameworks.

This path will teach you all you need to know to build Blazor applications. No previous knowledge with Blazor is required but if you are familiar with Razor and/or ASP.NET Core, you’ll see many similarities. This path and all courses are based on Blazor included with ASP.NET Core 6.

First, you will start with understanding the basic concepts and hosting models of Blazor while creating a first full Blazor application from scratch. Then, you will explore the different topics in more depth. You will see in-depth all aspects around components, the building block for any Blazor application and you will understand how Blazor can be extended using JavaScript interop. You will also learn how Blazor components can be unit tested and you’ll see what are the options to deploy Blazor applications to Azure.

After completing this path, you can explore the other ASP.NET Core application frameworks. In the ASP.NET Core path, MVC is used to build modern server-side applications with ASP.NET Core and in the ASP.NET Core Razor Pages path, the Razor Pages framework is used to create the same type of applications. If you’re looking for more coverage of building APIs, take a look at the ASP.NET Core API path.

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