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Building Data Pipelines in Microsoft Azure

  • Number of Courses4 courses
  • Duration9 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

In a world increasingly dominated by data, it’s more important than ever for data engineers and scientists to build data pipeline solutions that can support both traditional data warehouses and today’s machine learning and AI solutions.

This path covers everything you need to know about building reliable, fast, and cost-effective data pipelines in Microsoft Azure so those consuming data in your organization always have meaningful and actionable information.

Courses in this path


The course in this section of the path teaches you implement data pipeline solutions using Azure Databricks.


These intermediate courses will take you through some of the more intricate elements within building data pipelines in Microsoft Azure, including performing ETL and ELT batch data processing and using Azure Stream Analytics to process live data. Once you fully comprehend these topics, you’ll be ready to move on to the advanced courses.


In the final course in this path, you’ll learn advanced topics such as migrating data from on-premise and AWS to Azure, constructing ETL processes and data integration pipelines with Azure Data Factory, and creating real-time data pipelines.

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