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EF Core 6

  • Number of Courses8 courses
  • Duration27 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

EF Core is Microsoft’s official data access framework for building .NET applications. EF Core is used in millions of applications and has a long history of evolution, improvement and commitment from Microsoft.

This path leans on previous knowledge of working with .NET and C# to take you from the very beginning, with no knowledge at all about EF Core, through learning the basics, then all the way to expertise with leveraging its features in advanced software architecture.

The path begins with a high level view of EF Core 6 and then walks through the basic concepts of mapping your .NET classes to an existing or new database, querying with LINQ, and persisting changes back to the database. You’ll also learn to leverage some of the other important features such as managing related data, logging and more.

With fundamentals in hand, this path moves on to enabling developers to take advantage of more powerful capabilities of EF Core as your applications become more sophisticated and your needs go beyond simple constructs. The practitioner level of courses focus on topics such as mapping real-world classes, achieving tricker data retrieval and persistence, using EF Core with Azure Cosmos DB and deploying applications and database migrations.

For developers interested in the principals of Domain-Driven Design, there is a course that will provide insight into how to design your EF Core logic to fit with DDD practices.

After completing this path, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to solving all types of data access problems with EF Core.

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