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JavaScript 2022

  • Number of Courses25 courses
  • Duration45 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

JavaScript is one of the most popular and prevalent languages in existence today. The language has moved beyond its origins in the browser and now can be utilized in embedded devices, cloud infrastructure, and in modern web application. This path will guide you in learning how to understand where JavaScript runs, how to develop locally, and how to take advantage of the capabilities that the language provides. It also will provide an overview of concepts that greatly affect how JavaScript solutions are architected.

First you will learn the foundational elements of JavaScript that are needed to understand the areas where it is used today, to develop locally with the language, and to explore the core of what can be done using JavaScript.

Then you will learn how to build off of the fundamental JavaScript concepts and utilize many of these concepts in depth while focusing on real-world use cases. Many of the approaches covered in these courses would be utilized on a daily basis for JavaScript developers.

And finally you will move more deeply into cross-cutting areas of JavaScript that can change how solutions are built. These areas can greatly improve how JavaScript solutions are architected to fully take advantage of language capabilities.

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