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Building a JavaScript Development Environment

by Kamran Ayub

Are you new to JavaScript development? This course will teach you how to set up a cross-platform development environment using VS Code with Node.js and npm for efficient coding and debugging.

What you'll learn

Setting up a JavaScript development environment can be daunting, often leading to frustration and lost productivity. In this course, Building a JavaScript Development Environment, you'll learn how to create an integrated development environment (IDE), setting you up for success in your JavaScript projects. First, you'll see how to install and configure Visual Studio Code, a powerful IDE for your JavaScript projects. Next, you'll install Node.js and npm, ensuring you have the right foundation for running and testing your JavaScript code. Finally, you'll learn what capabilities Visual Studio Code offers for debugging. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to set up a JavaScript development environment needed to efficiently build and debug applications.

About the author

Kamran is a full-stack web developer who lives in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the founder of Keep Track of My Games, which is like Goodreads but for gamers. He also helps maintain the Excalibur.js TypeScript game engine and speaks regularly at conferences like NDC and React Summit. Previously, he worked as an enterprise web developer for over 12 years for companies like Target and General Mills until he quit to spend more time with family and take summers off. He loves sharing what h... more

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