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Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt)

  • Number of Courses4 courses
  • Duration9 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

In the Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) skill path, you’ll learn the foundations of quality management from a project and services management perspective. By the time you finish this skill path, you will be able to become a certified Yellow Belt professional within the top Lean Six Sigma accreditation bodies. Furthermore, you will be able to work in process improvement projects as a team member or even as a project assistant.

You’ll start with an overview on what quality and project management are. You will learn the definition of a process and what the CYNEFIN framework is and how it can help you assess the different levels of complexity when it comes to improvement initiatives. Lean and Six Sigma’s history, concepts and main practices will also be introduced, as well as how powerful the combination of both approaches can be.

Then, you will get to know which are the most widely recognized accreditation bodies when it comes to Lean Six Sigma. You will study Lean Six Sigma main metrics and the DMAIC methodology step by step - from tools to best practices.

In the last two courses, you will deepen your understanding of metrics and get acquainted to Lean Six Sigma tools such as Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping and Poka Yoke. The CYNEFIN framework will also be further detailed while we detail project viability models. Advanced quality management topics such as Critical To Quality and related techniques will be covered. At last, you will learn how to build a team and once you are through to all courses you will also have built your own set of tools to start working with Lean Six Sigma.

Courses in this path


In this beginner section we will cover what quality management is, as well as how to differ simple from complex challenges in project management. Lean will be presented as a philosophy and a set of agile practices altogether. Traditional Six Sigma will be introduced.


In this intermediate section we will cover Lean Six Sigma as a framework based on the DMAIC methodology and its tools. Students will learn about metrics and Lean Six Sigma customization to each improvement project.


In this advanced session we will cover how to form a powerful team to run Lean Six Sigma improvement initiatives. Advanced concepts will be debated and application will be examined based on a complete content review. Students will get to know White and Yellow belt exam questions and get ready to become certified professionals.

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