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.NET Base Class Libraries (BCL)

  • Number of Courses11 courses
  • Duration38 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

Thanks to the .NET Base Class Library, .NET developers are productive and can build their applications based on a huge set of helper classes and APIs that give us a head-start. This way, we avoid reinventing the wheel.

This path contains courses covering several core functionalities available in the .NET BCL. You can choose to follow these individually if you’re interested in learning more about a specific topic.

You will learn how to work with JSON and XML in .NET applications. Both are commonly used as data exchange format when communicating with web services and APIs. You can also learn more on how to communicate with these endpoints based on the HttpClientFactory. Next, you can also learn how to work efficiently with dates and times in .NET as well as how to create regular expressions. Finally, more advanced concepts include cryptography as well as performance measuring your .NET applications.

The concepts taught in the courses of this path are universally applicable in .NET applications. You can therefore take your newly gained knowledge and use it for example in ASP.NET Core applications, WPF desktop applications or Maui mobile applications.

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