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Pluralsight LIVE 2019

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Pluralsight LIVE 2019 was an epic gathering of some of the brightest minds in tech. Take your skills to the next level and get inspired to defy boundaries by watching expert-led... Read more



Pluralsight LIVE 2019

Catch up on Pluralsight LIVE 2019 by watching expert-led sessions on emerging trends, leadership, and the Pluralsight platform.

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Mainstage

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 18, 2019 / 3h 11m

3h 11m

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Watch some of the best technologists in the world share their wisdom in front of an audience of thousands, and prepare to feel seriously energized about the future.

Table of contents
  1. Aaron Skonnard, Co-founder and CEO at Pluralsight Shawn Malhotra, CTO of Corporates Customer Segment at Thomson Reuters
  2. Becky Whitehead, VP of Software Development and Delivery at Health Equity + Matt Forkner, Chief Legal Officer at Pluralsight
  3. Haroon Yasin, Co-founder and Chairperson of Orenda Welfare Trust (Malala Fund) + Lindsey Kneuven, Chief Impact Officer at Pluralsight
  4. Greg Shields, Author Evangelist at Pluralsight Gilbert Lee, Head of Content at Pluralsight
  5. Erin Rifkin, GM / Partner, Developer Relations at Microsoft Azure + David Rackham, Head of Tech Leader Experiences at Pluralsight
  6. Bonita Stewart, VP of Global Partnerships at Google, Pluralsight boardmember + Heather Zynczak, Chief Marketing Officer at Pluralsight
  7. Jason Martin, Vice President - Professional Services at Google Cloud + Mariah Hay, Head of Practices at Pluralsight
  8. Allison Horn, Managing Director of Learning & Leadership Development at Accenture + Gilbert Lee, Head of Content at Pluralsight
  9. Pietro Galli, Chief Information Officer, Norwegian Refugee Council + Brandon Peay, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at Pluralsight
  10. Nate Walkingshaw, Chief Experience Officer at Pluralsight

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Data & Analytics)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 20, 2019 / 4h 18m

4h 18m

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Watch our data- and analytics-focused sessions from LIVE 2019 (there were a lot of them!) to better understand the endless possibilities data offers, and learn how you can take advantage of them without compromising on ethics.

Table of contents
  1. Getting Started Testing in Data Science with Jes Ford
  2. Publishing the Stack Overflow Developer Survey with Julia Silge
  3. The UX of Data with Lex Roman
  4. Building a Data Science Practice: From Lone Unicorn to Organizational Scale with Michelle Keim
  5. Machine learning for every developer and data scientist with Vadim Omeltchenko
  6. Power BI: Self-service BI or Wild, Wild West? with Eugene Meidinger

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Equality)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 20, 2019 / 5h 19m

5h 19m

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This year, we introduced an equality-focused Pluralsight LIVE experience—Thrive. Watch sessions on everything from breaking the bro code to digital accessibility to become more well-versed in how to create a more inclusive industry.

Table of contents
  1. Pluralsight One Partnerships: Technology Skills Development in the Humanitarian Sector with Lindsey Kneuven, Haroon Yasin, John Galante, and Pietro Galli
  2. Innovation and The Case For Culture with Lawrence Cole, L. Michelle Smith, Maggie Roque
  3. Gender Microaggressions in the Workplace: A Guide for Allies with Megan Boczar
  4. Design is for Humans with Monika Khanna
  5. Breaking Barriers for Women in the Workforce with Pat Mitchell and Heather Zynczak
  6. Everyone Should Be Able To Use Your Software: Inclusive, Accessible Products for Balanced Teams with Raquel Breternitz
  7. Welcoming Women to Work Strategies for Breaking the BroCode with Breeanne Matheson

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (IT Operations)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 20, 2019 / 3h 41m

3h 41m

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Hear the latest on the world of IT Ops from leading experts. Get actionable advice on leveling up your cloud infrastructure, .NET apps with Docker and more in these game-changing LIVE sessions.

Table of contents
  1. Modernizing .NET Monoliths with Docker with Elton Stoneman
  2. A New Approach to Identity Management with Shawn Woodward
  3. Clear Skies Ahead - Scale, Innovation, and the Multi-Cloud Future of Pluralsight with Sophia Hudson
  4. The Secret to Winning IT Security Roulette with Thomas Hatch

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Security)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 20, 2019 / 4h 25m

4h 25m

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Nobody can afford to sit back and relax when it comes to security. Make sure you have the skills you need to protect yourself and your organization with these security-focused sessions from LIVE 2019.

Table of contents
  1. The Ops in DevOps: a Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting Strategy for the Cloud with Brian Harrison
  2. Ethical Hacking: New and Improved DIY Mobile Security Workstation for Cheap with Dale Meredith
  3. At the Edge: The IoT Security Imperative with David Gotrik
  4. 30 Vulnerabilities in 30 Minutes with Josh Cummings
  5. Understanding Modern Application Security with Roland Guijt
  6. A Street Smart Approach to Cybersecurity: One Number and a Pair of Dice with Trent Bond

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Software Development)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 20, 2019 / 10h 41m

10h 41m

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LIVE speakers shared their insights on everything from Salesforce to blockchain and Docker to CI/CD. Catch what you missed or revisit what you loved to ensure you’re heading in the direction you want to go when it comes to software.

Table of contents
  1. 2.5 Years of Mob Programming with Allan Stewart
  2. Blockchain for Business Growth: Use Crypto to Increase Revenue, Efficiency, and Consumer Engagement with Evelyn Hytopolous & Boyd Wold
  3. CI/CD: Not Just Deploying More Often with David Torgerson
  4. The State of Modern Web Development with Deborah Kurata, Hampton Paulk, Jonathan Mills, Joe Eames
  5. Progressive Web Apps 101 with Frances Coronel
  6. Black Box Blueprints: Visualize your Business Domain with Lean Flow principles with Jenny Carlston
  7. Contributability: Using SRE Principles to Create Better Open Source Community with Johanna Ratliff
  8. One Language Isn't Enough with Jon Middleton
  9. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Docker with Jonathan Turner
  10. How Bots and AI are transforming Healthcare in the US with June Cho
  11. Beyond Bitcoin, Bros, and Lambos: A Deep Dive into The Real Blockchain Revolution Lindsay Nuon
  12. Take Control of Your Data – How Blockchain Technology Enables Secure Cloud Storage with Manasi Vora
  13. Iterating on Lean Process with Maureen Botoman
  14. Git as Blockchain with Michael Perry
  15. Get Your Organization Ready for the Cloud Journey with Omar Khan
  16. Specialization is for Insects": Being a Better Generalist with Simon Allardice

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Skills Development)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 20, 2019 / 13h 28m

13h 28m

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Better leverage the Pluralsight platform to align skills development with your personal and organizational objectives, so you can reach goals faster and maximize your success.

Table of contents
  1. Messaging Matters: How We Built a Data-Driven Engineering Culture at Pluralsight with Alisa Sheyn
  2. Help Your Teams Create a Learning Habit with Amy Irvine
  3. More Than the Sum of Our Skills: A Panel on Modern Tech Skills Development with Anita Grantham, Rose Sheldon, Melanie Mitsch, Caitlin Mann, Nikki Veit
  4. How to Create a Healthy Learning Culture and a Safe Environment to Learn, Grow and Collaborate with Anna Mikhova, Alex Cline, Lauren Gray, Bhavika Shah
  5. Build Your Enterprise Training Playbook with Anthony Gregorio, Christina Mehr, George Boone
  6. Leveraging Metrics to Empower Engineering Organizations with Pluralsight with Brian Clausen, Liz Blair
  7. Building Learning Experiences that Captivate Learners and Secure Institutional Memory with Casey Ayers: Teaching Your Techniques
  8. Creating Transparency with Learning Data with Chris Petzy
  9. Deconstructing The Home Depot's Technology Bootcamp with George Boone, John Kay, Kevin Igarashi-Ball, Zack Kirchin
  10. What Fuels Our Engine? Under the Hood With Pluralsight’s Content and Curriculum Team with Meghan Manfre, Kate Petersen, Jessie Mauser
  11. Power Skills for Innovation with Lauren Mason Carris
  12. The CIO of the Future: Are you ready? With Lindsay Bayuk and Karenann Terrell
  13. How to Be the Dumbest Person in the Room: Making Complex Ideas Less Terrifying and More Relatable with Minna Wang
  14. Combining Tech + Business Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience with Scott Root, Roberta Dombrowski
  15. Taking your Team’s Cloud Skills to the Next Level with Rochana Golani
  16. 5 Common Myths about Innovation in the Public Sector with Saad Bashir, Mike Hussey, Tanya Hannah: Myth-busted
  17. Workshop: Aligning Skill Development to Real Business Goals with Sam Pena
  18. Lessons Learned Building a Global Technology Organization with Shawn Malhotra
  19. Leaders Leading Leaders in Today’s Modern Digital Industry with Tristan Roque

Pluralsight LIVE 2019: Breakouts (Business Professionals)

by Pluralsight LIVE

Sep 20, 2019 / 4h 10m

4h 10m

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Today’s technology leader has a lot to think about—retaining top talent, developing the skills necessary to keep up with a constantly changing industry, creating a learning strategy that aligns with company goals. Absorb the wisdom of the expert leaders and business strategists who presented at LIVE 2019 and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to lead like a real boss.

Table of contents
  1. Change Leadership is Everyday Leadership with Ai-ling Chang
  2. Red Thread Thinking for User-Centered Innovation with Angela Payne
  3. Am I Successful? Learnings about Failure with Audrey Langheinrich
  4. Future of Work & Future of Need with Gary Bolles
  5. From Great Individuals into a Great Team with Liam McLennan
  6. It's a Global Market so How do You Take Advantage of It? with Liam McLennan
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Pluralsight LIVE 2019 was an epic gathering of some of the brightest minds in tech. Take your skills to the next level and get inspired to defy boundaries by watching expert-led sessions on emerging trends, leadership, the Pluralsight platform and more.

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