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Java Unit Testing

  • Number of Courses5 courses
  • Duration8 hours
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Unit testing has become standard practice for today's software developers. The goal of this learning path is to help you understand how to write clean, testable code, all the way from writing your first test to mocking out dependencies to creating unit tests for your existing applications

Courses in this path


Writing unit tests requires a solid foundation in the tools of the trade, and that is what will get with the courses in this section. You will learn about JUnit, the most popular unit testing framework for Java and Mockito, the most widely used mocking framework.


This section introduces you to the concept of Test-driven development, where you write tests first and then the code that makes those tests pass. Whether you choose to use TDD all of the time or only part of the time, this is an important technique to add to your developer toolkit.


Writing unit tests for existing code bases can present unique challenges but in this section, you will learn to overcome those so that you can create tests and have the same confidence in your legacy applications as you do with newly developed code.

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