Learning paths

Need a custom learning program? We’ve got a path for that.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in tech skill development. Teams are made up of beginners, gurus, and everyone between. Our many-paths-fit-all solution supports their progress so they have the skills to support your org’s objectives.

custom learning paths
maps app upskilling

Your maps app for upskilling

Learning paths are courses, hands-on experiences, and assessments tailored to a specific skill, technology, or certification. Curated by in-house experts, these paths guide learners who aren’t sure where to start, or where to go next, and deliver them safely—and skillfully—at their destination.



Master skills in more technologies than there are superhero reboot movies with access to thousands of on-demand, expert-led courses and the ability to learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

hands on learning

Hands-on learning

Turn knowledge into solid skills with hands-on learning experiences, such as labs, sandboxes, and projects, and feel more confident in your ability to deliver on key initiatives.

Evaluation and assessments

Evaluation and assessments

Identify knowledge gaps and strengths with skill assessments, boost test-day confidence with practice exams, and navigate the tech certification landscape with certification prep courses.

Popular categories to pique your interest

Browse our list of the most in-demand tech topics. 

Business professional

Brush up on business tools such as Microsoft 365 Office and build skills in Agile, communications, and product management.


The cloud called. It wants you to upskill with the latest cloud certification paths and real Hands-on Labs in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Data and machine learning

Dip your toes into the data science pool and discover topics such as Python for machine learning and AI. Or dive into the deep end with third normal form (3NF).

IT Ops

Get up close and personal with your IT infrastructure with certification paths and courses on Windows, Kubernetes, Docker, and Cisco networks (to name a few).


Lock in your cybersecurity skills with courses and certification paths on everything from ethical hacking and CISSP to CompTIA Security.

Software development

Whether you’re Team Javascript or Team Python, Team iOS or Team Android, we’ve got the skills—and team spirit—you’re looking for. 

learn from the best

Learn from the best

Pluralsight authors are subject-matter experts, tech evangelists, and entrepreneurs. They understand the limitless possibilities technology can unlock and share their knowledge to empower the next generation of creators.

Build a custom path

Wish you could take the wheel on learning paths for your technologists? Go for it. Creating custom paths is as easy as π. Simply add courses to your new path, publish it, and tag your team members. Then watch as they learn. 

custom learning paths
Open Quote

I found the best provider for Cloud Architecture upskilling, Pluralsight. Pluralsight gave me not only amazing content, but it was incredibly structured.

Winston Smith
Sr. Technical Instructor, AWS

A complete offering

One platform to rule them all? Yeah, we’ve got that. Transform your technology workforce—one developer, one delivery, one success at a time. 


Empower yourself or your team to develop the skills critical to delivering on your career goals and initiatives with our tech skills platform.


Unlock your team’s potential and upgrade your processes with our software delivery intelligence platform.


Get more out of Skills and Flow. Customize your team’s learning experiences and drive your most important initiatives forward with our Professional Services.

A plan for every path

Ready to drive team upskilling with curated paths, or are you looking to take custom paths for a spin? Guiding a small, scrappy team or managing an entire floor of technologists? No matter your skill-building goals, team size, or budget, we’ve got a plan for that.

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