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The most successful companies deliver experiences to their customers before they even know they want them. That means anticipating needs, learning and adopting new technologies and releasing new products before your competitors do.

Skill development needs to be a 
strategic priority.

With how fast technology evolves, and the pressure to adopt the newest trends, your engineers could spend eight hours a day just trying to keep up. But they don’t have time for that. And you don’t have time or budget to continuously hire and onboard new employees. You need a reliable way to build your team’s expertise while improving productivity.

Innovation and efficiency
can go hand-in-hand

With Skills, you can build expertise where you need it most to help game-changing ideas come to life faster.


See your engineers more clearly

Understand where your team’s skills stand today and where you need to grow.

  • Measure your team’s skills in topics like HTML, C++, JavaScript, Python and more with Skill IQ
  • Evaluate if your teams have the skills they need to succeed in critical roles like ASP.NET Web Developer, Android Mobile Developer, Python Web Developer and more with Role IQ
benchmark with Pluralsight IQ

Skill up your team to tackle anything

Make it easy for your teams to keep up with the latest languages and frameworks.

  • Learn from courses authored by experts in front-end, UX, app development and more
  • Accelerate skill development with personalized course recommendations that help employees skip over what they already know and focus on what they don’t
  • Align skill development to your most important objectives like shifting your tech stack or upskilling for a new project
  • Get your team prepared to apply new skills in real world scenarios with interactive courses and projects like creating a basic web app with Java
 Upskill in roles

Measure progress

Feel confident your teams are building the skills they need to deliver on business objectives.

  • Skills analytics: See how skills like Angular, Node.js and more are evolving over time so you can identify strengths, weaknesses and roadblocks
  • Roles analytics: View data around individual role levels and skill proficiencies, and customize roles to fit your unique business needs like improving your customer experience
  • Channel analytics: Help your team track toward goals like releasing a new mobile app with insights into channel completion and engagement
 Analyze and measure progress
customer stories

Skill development helps Fujitsu stay agile

“What has become more streamlined is our ability to drop and change. So, adding new things in really quickly, our ability to embrace things that are emerging in the market because the pace is so fast, and our ability to slot that into people’s pathways is definitely a benefit for us.”

Anwen Owen, Head of UK Public Sector Delivery, Transformation Services, Fujitsu
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