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Investing in measurable skill development

Fueling innovation for customers

The Challenge

Meeting customer needs while keeping up with technology change

Customers are demanding more tech-forward services at a faster pace than ever—without forfeiting security.

"In a world of massive change where the pace of everything is increasing, where digital technology is taking off and expectations are huge, it is critical that the talent that we have stays up to date with the latest technologies," says Christian Benson, Fujitsu's Vice President and Client Managing Director.

The key to thriving in this digital world, according to Fujitsu, is ongoing technology skill development.

"Our people are our number one asset. They are our number one strategic priority," Christian says.

Who we are

Leading Japanese information and communication technology company, Fujitsu, offers a full range of technology products, solutions and services aimed at shaping the future of society with its customers.

Fujitsu by the numbers
Established 1925

in 1935

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Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan

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7th largest IT services provider worldwide

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Over 140,000 employees

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Customers in 100+ countries

A responsibility to stay ahead

“The pace of change is phenomenal. ‘This is the fastest that change has ever been, and it will never be this slow again,’ is something we say to our teams day in and day out because they have a responsibility to keep up with the market.”

Anwen Owen, Head of UK Public Sector Delivery, Digital Transformation Services

What we're learning:

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The Solution

Outpacing demand through technology skill development

Teams at Fujitsu began leveraging on-demand video courses, learning paths, skill assessment and channels from Pluralsight.

"What Pluralsight has helped us to do is to accelerate the pace of our technical upskilling," says Head of UK Public Sector Delivery, Digital Transformation Services, Anwen Owen. "It's about being able to plan for tomorrow, three months from now and two years from now. Having a platform that enables us to do that is really important."

Leaders at Fujitsu identify the skills that will drive the organization forward on key objectives and drop relevant Pluralsight content into channels for employees to focus their development.

“We are guiding our teams on the types of skills they need to complete,” Anwen says, “but there's also their ability to search a little wider. They can have a look at what else is out there… What Pluralsight has done is open up possibility.”

Christian says the difference Pluralsight has made is palpable within the office. “We're seeing a shift towards more and more self improvement and self development, and tied to that you can see real excitement and buzz around the place.”

The key benefits of Pluralsight for Fujitsu

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Business agility

Fujitsu can now meet shifting needs of customers faster, embracing new technologies as they emerge.

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Customer confidence

As team members demonstrate greater depth of technical expertise, customers know they’re in good hands.

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Measurable progress

Analytics enable leaders to track progress and report the value their teams are adding to the company’s larger objectives.

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Innovative workforce

Teams are engaged, collaborative and competitive in their skill development, leading to new innovations.

Serving customers at the speed they expect

“As our customer’s environments change we need to be ready. Pluralsight helps us quickly skill up. I manage our largest public sector account, and I can tell you that being able to adapt quickly is key.”

Christian Benson, Vice President and Client Managing Director

The Results

Forward-thinking, deeply skilled workers

Since adopting Pluralsight, Fujitsu has been able to demonstrate greater depth of in-house technical skills.

“What has become more streamlined is our ability to drop and change,” says Anwen. “So, adding new things in really quickly, our ability to embrace things that are emerging in the market because the pace is so fast, and our ability to slot that into people's pathways is definitely a benefit for us.”

Pluralsight has also helped instill the value of curiosity—an essential element to innovation—across teams at Fujitsu.

“Being curious is really the edge that we have now,” says Anwen. “Curiosity delivers insight. Insight about where we go next, about how our people can make a difference for our customers.”

Reskilling delivers security

“Pluralsight has everyday offerings available, it's got future technologies, it's got technologies that has the business we need, to draw from and enhance our capabilities to ensure that we can then collaboratively work with our customer the end client, to deliver that service secure and risk-free.”

Richard Sumnall, Infrastructure Services Operations Manager

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