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Our expert-selected cloud training courses and certifications

Discover some of the top Pluralsight cloud training courses and hands-on labs for learning cloud skills and earning cloud certifications.

Jun 5, 2024 • 4 Minute Read

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Whether you’re an aspiring cloud engineer or want to earn more cloud certifications, it’s never too late to boost your cloud knowledge.

Our experts selected some of their top cloud computing courses to help you level up your skills and earn in-demand cloud certs.

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How to become a cloud engineer with cloud training courses

Cloud engineers build, manage, and monitor cloud infrastructure. This may include architecting cloud solutions, coding for the cloud, supervising cloud and data storage, troubleshooting, and teaching others about cloud best practices.

Because of this, cloud engineers typically take on specialized roles. For example, you may see cloud security engineers, network engineers, solutions architects, and cloud administrators. 

Many organizations also look for cloud engineers who are proficient in one of the three major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, or GCP. For example, organizations may be hiring for an AWS cloud engineer specifically. 

If you’re beginning your cloud journey, explore different cloud roles and identify the ones that sound most interesting to you. Then pick a cloud provider to learn. If you want to work for a certain organization, find out which cloud provider they use. (Relevant job descriptions are a great place to see the organization’s preferred cloud provider and programming languages.)

Even if you don’t have a traditional IT background or formal education, you can land a cloud engineer job by gaining hands-on experience and earning relevant certifications. 

Explore some of the highest paying cloud jobs and certifications.

Build foundational cloud skills in AWS, GCP and Azure

If you’re new to cloud computing, start by learning the foundations. This will make it easier for you to dive into deeper, more advanced topics down the line.

Cloud Computing Foundations: Start here if you’re completely new to the cloud. You’ll learn what the cloud is, how it works, and why people use it.

If you already have a basic understanding of the cloud, take a closer look at the three major cloud providers with these cloud training courses:

Ready to start getting hands on? In the Estimate the Monthly Cost of a Windows VM lab, you’ll learn how to use the Azure Pricing Calculator with a guided walkthrough.

Get advice from AWS cloud professionals on starting a cloud career.

Boost cloud security skills with hands-on cloud experience

Our 2024 Technical Skills Report found that cloud and security are the top two technical skills gaps. And as AI creates new security threats, boosting your cloud security knowledge can help you develop the skills organizations need.

Each cloud provider has a different approach to cloud security. Once you’ve decided which cloud to learn, keep it secure with cloud security training:

Test your knowledge with hands-on labs.

Explore all of Pluralsight’s hands-on labs for learning tech skills.

Get a handle on multicloud and hybrid cloud

More than 65% of organizations operate within multicloud environments, with 20% saying they’re actively pursuing an additional cloud platform for their cloud environment.

While it’s helpful to focus on one cloud provider when you’re learning, many organizations use multiple clouds or hybrid cloud strategies, so it’s important to understand how this impacts cloud environments. 

Earn cloud certifications to land a cloud engineer job

Cloud certifications aren’t a surefire way to secure a cloud engineer job, but they can direct your learning and help you get hands-on with cloud skills. This is what employers are really looking for—your ability to apply cloud skills and knowledge in real-world situations.

So, which certs are worth earning? Here are some certification prep courses to consider:

Learn why getting a cloud certification is worth it.

Explore cloud training courses for in-demand skills

Whether your goal is to gain a basic understanding of cloud computing for your business or become a cloud engineer, online courses and cloud certifications can help you learn the skills you need.

Start a free trial of Pluralsight Skills and gain access to thousands of cloud training courses and hands-on labs to build in-demand cloud skills.

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