Learn C# today and set the foundation for your general purpose, object oriented programming skills. C# is a simple programming language used widely throughout multiple programming disciplines. Pluralsight’s C# courses walk you through everything from fundamentals to advanced-programming topics.

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ASP.NET Core is a whole new way of developing web-applications with .NET and C#. In this course, Building a Web App with ASP.NET Core, MVC 6, EF Core, and Angular, you'll learn how this new change can speed up development of web apps. Next, you'll learn how to create web pages using ASP.NET MVC...
As software grows more complex, you need to manage this complexity by using various architectural patterns, practices, and principles. In this course, Clean Architecture: Patterns, Practices, and Principles, you will learn how software experts keep their architecture clean using a modern...
Whether you're a junior developer and want to learn a systematic approach to build applications, or you're more experienced and want to strengthen your front-end and/or back-end development skills, this course is for you. In this hands-on course, Become a Full-stack .NET Developer, you will be...
Creating effective C# unit tests for enterprise applications requires thoughtful consideration so that your test suite doesn't become burdensome from being rote, brittle, and untrustworthy. In this course, Effective C# Unit Testing for Enterprise Applications, you'll learn techniques to create...
Both ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core have been built from the ground up, and a lot has changed. ASP.NET Core isn't an upgrade to ASP.NET, it's a new framework altogether. In this course, Building Your First API with ASP.NET Core, you'll learn about the important concepts of ASP.NET Core...
In this course, C# 6 from Scratch, you will be introduced to the basics of C# 6, the latest version of one of the most popular programming languages on the planet, and work your way up through intermediate and advanced topics. Along the way you'll learn a good bit about best practices and how...
ASP.NET core is the new web framework from Microsoft, redesigned from the ground up to be fast, flexible, modern, and work across different platforms. In this course, ASP.NET Core Fundamentals, you will build an ASP.NET Core application from scratch. Along the way, you will learn about...
In this course, we'll see how to build classes, program with objects, and work with interfaces using the C# language.
Programmers do have conceptual understanding of OO concepts, but often fail to turn that into a proper object-oriented code. In this course, Making Your C# Code More Object-oriented, you'll learn how to create proper object-oriented code. First, you'll learn how to avoid branching and looping....
LINQ introduced radical changes to the C# language. In this course, LINQ Fundamentals with C# 6.0, you'll see features of the C# language that make LINQ work, as well as how to use LINQ effectively using practical examples. You'll start with seeing a demonstration of the power of LINQ along...