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C# is the most popular language to build .NET applications today. It’s part of the .NET ecosystem, which offers developers all the tools, languages and frameworks to create all types of applications including web, cloud, desktop, AI and mobile.

This path will take you from the very beginning, with no C# knowledge, all the way to being an expert in the language. C# is currently at version 12, which is the version used in these courses. However, most concepts that you will learn in these courses apply to earlier versions too.

First, you will learn about the fundamental concepts and language constructs of the C# language, including object-orientation (OO). Then you will move on to more specific, in-depth coverage of C# that a C# developer will use on a day-to-day basis, including structured error handling, working with lists and generics, LINQ, accessing data and working asynchronously. No application should go to production without a decent set of tests being created, so the topic of unit testing is covered in-depth as well. With these topics understood, you will be able to create and maintain C# applications in your organization.

Finally, with most code-constructs known, you can learn more about best practices to create your next C# application. You’ll learn how to apply SOLID principles, design patterns and how to refactor existing C# code. After completing this path, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to create all types of .NET projects.

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