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C# Events, Delegates, and Lambdas

by Dan Wahlin

Events, delegates, and lambdas play an important role in C# apps, but why would you use them? This course will teach you how to leverage the functionality provided by these features so you can handle different event scenarios in your apps.

What you'll learn

How do you handle events that occur in your application using C#? What are delegates and how and why would you use them? In this course, C# Events, Delegates, and Lambdas, you’ll learn what events, delegates, and lambdas are and how you can use them. First, you’ll explore the role of events, delegates, and event handlers and learn scenarios where they're useful and how they can be used together. Next, you’ll discover how lambdas and built-in delegates such as Action and Func<T, TResult> can be used. Finally, you’ll learn how to to put all of these technologies together in C# apps. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to take advantage of the functionality provided by events, delegates, and lambdas and use them in your applications.

About the author

Dan Wahlin founded Wahlin Consulting, which provides consulting and training services on JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Docker, and Kubernetes. He is a Google GDE (and former Microsoft MVP and Regional Director), Docker Captain, and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world. Dan is active on Twitter (@DanWahlin), blogs at, and adds a lot of code to his Github repos at

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