Object-oriented Design with C# 10

by Mel Grubb

Objects aren’t just an implementation mechanism, they’re every bit as important as artifacts of design. This course will teach you object oriented principles not merely as syntax, but as elements of your project’s design.

What you'll learn

Are you ready to move from merely coding to truly designing? In this course, Object-Oriented Design with C# 10, you’ll learn to apply object-oriented principles to your designs, not just your code. First, you’ll explore the foundational concepts like the four pillars and the SOLID principles. Next, you’ll discover design patterns and how to create them using modern C#. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply these principles and patterns in a sample project. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of object-oriented design needed to build your own projects in a cleaner, easier-to-maintain way.

About the author

Mel Grubb has been a professional software developer since 1995, working with .Net since version 1.0. Before that, he was a hobbyist since receiving his first computer, a TI-99/4a in 1982, and heavily modifying it over the course of several years. He's a software developer in central Ohio, concentrating on C# and ASP.Net MVC solutions with a focus on simplicity, testability, and overall coding craftsmanship.

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