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Design & Stop Motion with SNASK

by Erik Kockum, Freddie Ost and Magnus Berg

Learn design as well as stop motion in this course by the irreverent creative agency, SNASK. This humorous TV-show-like series will guide you through branding, packaging, creating typography, and best practices for creating a stop motion animation.

What you'll learn

This course, Design & Stop Motion with SNASK, is a series by the irreverent creative agency, SNASK. The series has been transformed into a TV-show where they mix wisdom and humor, all dressed in colorful themes. You'll start with Ms. Foil showing how SNASK worked to make an investment banker's brand appear fresh, fun, and appealing while staying true to the mother brand of Nordea Markets. Ms. Foil will also share with you the secrets of creating a package design that stands out among competitors, how to prepare for and work with a photographer, as well as her tips and tricks on creating the perfect typeface for your client. Then, the Stop Motion Dragon will show you the equipment you'll need to create a stop motion and how to set it up, and it will guide you through the entire creation process in Dragonframe. By the end of your stop motion journey, you'll be able to see the best practices put into action with Robot Steve. Make sure you have your learning glasses on--it's a lot to take in!

About the authors

Born in the urban parts of Åkersberga. His three severely older sisters taught him how to talk the talk and walk the walk. At the age of 15 he was a very talented football player and went over for try-outs for Arsenals youth team. He almost made it. Studied project management at the SBS Swiss Business School in Zürich and met the SNASK boys in a bank in Stockholm 3 years later. He is nowadays one of the owners. He loves people, buns, and branding.

Freddie was left outside a police station by his biological mother and spent a lot of time there until they found an orphanage for him. He was born with an unharmful condition where his heart is turned backwards. At 18 months old he was adopted to Sweden where he was brought up in the snowy north. After 10 months in the army, 13 weeks on a greek party island, and two years of psychology studies at university, Freddie found his passion and spent three years in the north of England studying gra... more

Magnus was raised in the rough parts of Jakan outside Stockholm. He spent some time as a professional ice hockey player and his first mural was the Sublime logotype in his boyhood room. His parents never figured out it was a joint. Around the time when his father wanted him to take down his framed portrait of Kurt Cobain, because it was so negative, Magnus went to study graphic design in England. He quickly went from being a 'sk8er boi' to a music maniac with dreams of taking over the world ... more

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