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ASP.NET Core 6

  • Number of Courses24 courses
  • Duration86 hours
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Microsoft released the first version of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core in 2016 as the most radical change in the history of .NET. And since then, the company has been adding new features to the platform with every release. The latest version of the framework, ASP.NET Core 6, comes with all a developer needs to build robust and modern web applications and backends that can cater to today’s needs.

This path is designed to take you all the way from the very beginning, so with no ASP.NET Core knowledge to being an expert with the framework. ASP.NET Core 6, part of .NET 6, is used for all courses in this path.

You will start in this path learning about the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core and its different application frameworks, including ASP.NET Core MVC. Using ASP.NET Core 6 MVC, developers can build modern server-side web applications, based on the Model-View-Controller pattern. You will learn in a practical way how to build MVC applications. Then, you will dive deeper into more specific topics including authentication and authorization in ASP.NET Core applications, logging and monitoring in production applications and how to deploy ASP.NET Core applications to Azure. You will also see how to create unit tests for the different parts of an ASP.NET Core application.

Finally, you will learn more advanced topics such as how to set up background processes in ASP.NET Core and you will also understand how to set up enterprise-level applications based on the principles of clean architecture. After completing the courses in this path, you will be able to explore other related paths that cover other aspects in the realm of ASP.NET Core.

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