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ASP.NET Core 6 Web API

  • Number of Courses16 courses
  • Duration64 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

Today’s world is powered by countless devices that need to get their data. Many applications on mobile devices or on the desktop require up-to-date data too. And so do modern web applications, built with Angular, React or Blazor. APIs are used to exchange data and these we can build using ASP.NET Core 6 API.

In this path, you will learn how to build ASP.NET Core APIs from the ground up, all the way to being an expert in delivering secure and robust APIs for your customers. The courses in this path are based on ASP.NET Core 6.

First you will learn about the concepts of REST and the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core 6 APIs. Once you have understood these, you will explore the different aspects of APIs built with ASP.NET Core 6 in much more depth. Securing these APIs is a crucial task and you will see how to apply authentication and authorization to create a secure environment for users using your API. You will also learn how to add logging to the API and well as how to monitor an API. Then you will explore how your API can be made developer-friendly by using Swagger and adding the right documentation. You’ll all gain practical knowledge of how to create the combination of a React app that relies on an ASP.NET Core API for its data. Finally, you’ll learn about more advanced concepts including how to increase throughput by creating asynchronous APIs as well as advanced scenarios around OpenID Connect and deploying your API in combination with Azure API Management.

Once you have completed this path, you can use your knowledge to explore the other application frameworks in the ASP.NET Core family. Using the courses in the ASP.NET Core 6 MVC and ASP.NET Core 6 Razor Pages paths, you can learn how to create server-side web applications. You’ll see that many of the concepts you see in this path are similar or even identical for other ASP.NET Core technologies.

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